Adult ADHD diagnosis: ‘You’ve got to relook at your entire life’

From The Guardian, 8 October 2022:

When Zoë Rose found out she had attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder – also known as ADHD – four years ago, at the age of 38, it was like the moment at the end of the Bruce Willis film The Sixth Sense when (spoiler alert!) it’s revealed that the main character was dead the whole time.

“Same scenario, but you had ADHD the whole time,” Rose says. “You’ve got to relook at your entire life”.

ADHD gave her a new lens through which to understand so many things about herself: why she wasn’t able to keep her house tidy, her misunderstanding of nuanced social cues, her “very, very, very big emotions”, her ability to hyper-focus on the very macro or very micro details but not on everything in between, her inability to tune out background noise. Read more.

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