How will long Covid play out over the coming years? Eight experts weigh in

From The Guardian, 16 October 2022:

The story of long Covid is just beginning, and no one – not even the experts – knows how it will play out.

The “known knowns” are that few, if any, health systems around the world are equipped to cope with the parallel pandemic of long Covid. It will have profound social and economic impacts above and beyond the already devastating effects of acute Sars-CoV-2 infection.

The “known unknowns” are the major gaps in our understanding of long Covid’s physiology – who it affects, why and how – and how these gaps are hampering attempts to treat those with the syndrome.

Experts say some solutions are obvious: better diagnostic criteria, better testing, better clinical trials and individualised treatments, alongside support systems for those affected. And most important of all, not getting sick in the first place. But will those solutions be deployed in time to mitigate the effects of the “mass disabling event” that has already begun?

Eight experts from around the world share their insights, questions and fears about the future of – and with – long Covid. Read more.

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