Stalemate over rural fire fleet

From The Saturday Paper, 24 September 2022:

A showdown is looming between local and state governments over who is financially responsible for nearly $150 million worth of Rural Fire Service trucks and firefighting equipment in New South Wales, the so-called “red fleet”.

On one side are 68 local governments who argue the law that puts those trucks and equipment onto their financial books is outdated and unfair. They say it doesn’t reflect the reality, which is that they have no control over the purchase, use or sale of the assets.

On the other side is a state government that refuses to consider changing the law, which would bring it into line with conditions for other similar services.

In the middle is the NSW auditor-general, Margaret Crawford, who is ostensibly doing her job by insisting the rogue councils adhere to the law and amend their reports or risk severe financial repercussions. Read more (paywall).

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