The Sixth Wave book

After nearly two years of work, The Sixth Wave book is finally in print. This is a collaboration with James Bradfield Moody, and explores the next wave of innovation – the sixth wave.
Since the Industrial Revolution, the tide of progress has ebbed and flowed: five distinct waves, each starting with disruptive new technologies and ending with a global depression, have transformed our industries, societies and economies almost beyond recognition. We are now on the cusp of another massive transformation – the sixth wave.
In this wave a spectacular boom in technology and powerful new markets will drive a shift away from resource dependence to a new way of life: resource efficiency. Waste will be a source of opportunity and nature a source of inspiration.
The Sixth Wave is a business book, a motivational book, a bold prediction and a roadmap to the future. It is for anyone interested in understanding how the next wave of innovation will change our lives, and how to succeed in a resource-limited world.
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