The Sixth Wave … coming to a bookshop near you.

by James Bradfield Moody and Bianca Nogrady

Since the industrial revolution, the tide of innovation and progress has ebbed and flowed – five waves of innovation. From milling and steam to most recently information technology, each wave starts with disruptive technologies and ends with a global depression, transforming society, economies and industry almost beyond recognition.

And now the world is about to enter another period of transformation – the Sixth Wave.

In the sixth wave resource-efficiency is the name of the game. With the planet running out of natural resources and staring down the barrel of climate change and food security, the sixth wave will see humanity finally make the break away from resource-dependence. Everything, from the smallest tree and light switch to the largest cities and online communities, will have a measurable value and economic growth will no longer be tied to resource consumption or waste production. Waste will be the source of opportunity and nature will be our source of inspiration.

Driving this will be a spectacular boom in technologies ranging from clean technology to digital mapping to online collaboration. Traditional physical and geographical boundaries will mean nothing in a world where everything and everyone is online. Industry will increasingly realise value from services rather than resource-intensive products and new business leaders will emerge to challenge the status-quo.

This book is for anyone interested in understanding how all of the massive changes in the world today fit together, and how to succeed in a resource-limited world.

THE SIXTH WAVE is a business book, a motivational book, a popular science title, a bold prediction and a roadmap for the future all in one.

Visit the official The Sixth Wave website at

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