Solarpunk: a positive future

Originally published in ABC Environment, 10 November 2014: “IMAGINE A SUSTAINABLE world, driven by clean and renewable energy. Now imagine large space sailboats driven by solar radiation, production of biofuels via nanotechnology, the advent of photosynthetic humans, and, as there is no perfect society, even terrorism against corrupt businesses and governments. Welcome to the bright green Continue reading Solarpunk: a positive future

The Sixth Wave … coming to a bookshop near you.

by James Bradfield Moody and Bianca Nogrady Since the industrial revolution, the tide of innovation and progress has ebbed and flowed – five waves of innovation. From milling and steam to most recently information technology, each wave starts with disruptive technologies and ends with a global depression, transforming society, economies and industry almost beyond recognition. Continue reading The Sixth Wave … coming to a bookshop near you.