Maths makes counting hair easy

From ABC Science Online, News in Science, 31 October 2008:
New software is able to analyse exactly how many hairs there are in a patch of skin and could help in testing the effectiveness of baldness treatments and depilatory creams, say Australian researchers.
Researchers from CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences in Sydney report their findings in the November issue of the journal Skin Research and Technology.
The software, developed in partnership with a UK company, will make it easier for researchers developing hair removal creams to accurately assess how well they work, says image analyst Dr Pascal Vallotton.
“Up to now they were counting the number of hairs that survived after treatment manually,” he says.
“That’s hard work and it’s difficult because you may count a hair twice or you may miss it, so image analysis offers distinct advantages because you always get the same counts and you get the right counts.” Read more.

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