Raking in the benefits

From CSIRO’s Process Magazine, February 2008:Although a rake may appear to be a fairly straightforward piece of technology, when used in mineral processing facilities, the difference between a well-designed or poorly-designed rake can mean millions of dollars in scaled, damaged or poorly operating equipment.Research is suggesting that even small changes to the size, shape, location Continue reading Raking in the benefits

Maths makes counting hair easy

From ABC Science Online, News in Science, 31 October 2008:New software is able to analyse exactly how many hairs there are in a patch of skin and could help in testing the effectiveness of baldness treatments and depilatory creams, say Australian researchers.Researchers from CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences in Sydney report their findings in the Continue reading Maths makes counting hair easy

Meeting of models helps reduce toxic waste

From Process magazine, October 2007:An unfortunate twist of chemistry means that one of the earth’s most beautiful metals requires one of the planet’s most deadly compounds to extract it from an ore body: gold mining relies on the use of cyanide to dissolve gold into solution so it can be recaptured as pure metal.The inevitable Continue reading Meeting of models helps reduce toxic waste

Services break through the bandwidth frontier

From Solve, May 07:In some industries, office chat is an important part of the creative process, particularly in collaborative situations such as film post-production. But what happens when, as is becoming more common, work colleagues are separated by vast distances – one in Sydney, for example, and the other in Los Angeles – and both Continue reading Services break through the bandwidth frontier