Suspicious minds, with Wammo on Kiwi FM

Talking about the latest in New Scientist with Wammo on Kiwi FM, 30 October 2008:
Women beware. Men are better at detecting their partner’s infidelities than women. In a US study of heterosexual couples, 80 per cent of women’s inferences about fidelity or infidelity were correct, while men were accurate 94 per cent of the time. However, men were also more likely to suspect infidelity even when there was none. Researchers say the results make evolutionary sense because, unlike women, men can never be certain a baby is theirs.
Tell stock investors that the economy is influenced by activity on the sun and they would never believe you. That doesn’t stop plenty of them responding to other equally irrelevant information, though – and this tendency may be a factor driving current market volatility. Economists in the US have demonstrated that what happens in reality has very little to do with what actually happens in a market. Listen here.

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