Head-banging hammers the brain

From ABC Science Online, News in Science, 18 December 2008:
Led Zeppelin’s immortal song ‘Dazed and Confused’ might well have been a clinical observation on the state of their audience’s brains, say Australian researchers who have found over-enthusiastic head-banging can cause mild brain injury.
In a study published in the British Medical Journal this week, two University of New South Wales (UNSW)researchers concluded that head-banging to a typical heavy metal tempo could cause mild traumatic brain injury or concussion, and neck injury, particularly as the tempo of the music and angle of movement increased.
“Clearly it’s a serious issue,” says Associate Professor Andrew McIntosh, co-author and professor of biomechanics at UNSW.
“If you observe people after concerts they clearly look dazed, confused and incoherent, so something must be going on and we wanted to look into it.” Read more.

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