Head-banging hammers the brain

From ABC Science Online, News in Science, 18 December 2008:Led Zeppelin’s immortal song ‘Dazed and Confused’ might well have been a clinical observation on the state of their audience’s brains, say Australian researchers who have found over-enthusiastic head-banging can cause mild brain injury.In a study published in the British Medical Journal this week, two University Continue reading Head-banging hammers the brain

The private life of the brain, with Wammo on Kiwi

Talking New Scientist stories with Wammo on Kiwi FM, 1 November 2008:The brain is doing very important things when stuck in neutral. Researchers have noticed that instead of lying dormant when unoccupied, the brain devours a huge amount of calories when we’re doing absolutely nothing. So what exactly is it up to? Some say there’s Continue reading The private life of the brain, with Wammo on Kiwi