Lose weight, maintain your mojo

From ABC Science Online, News in Science, 21 November 2008:
A man’s secret to maintaining a healthy sex life well into old age could be as simple as shedding a few kilograms, says an Australian obesity expert.
Professor Gary Wittert, endocrinologist and Professor of Medicine at the University of Adelaide says erectile dysfunction is often a warning sign of underlying lifestyle-related diseases.
These include heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome – a condition that includes risks factors such as high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.
“For men, the penis is the window to the heart,” says Wittert, speaking at the Australian Health and Medical Research Congress in Brisbane. “The blood vessels in the penis are exactly the same as the blood vessels in the heart.”
“If they have some erectile dysfunction then they’ve probably got subclinical coronary artery disease.” Read more.

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