Lose weight, maintain your mojo

From ABC Science Online, News in Science, 21 November 2008:A man’s secret to maintaining a healthy sex life well into old age could be as simple as shedding a few kilograms, says an Australian obesity expert.Professor Gary Wittert, endocrinologist and Professor of Medicine at the University of Adelaide says erectile dysfunction is often a warning Continue reading Lose weight, maintain your mojo

Major cardiac risk in aspirin-resistant patients

From Australian Doctor, 21 January 2008:BMJ Aspirin resistance, thought to affect up to one-third of patients, is associated with significantly increased cardiovascular morbidity, a comprehensive meta-analysis suggests.The research, which analysed 20 studies including 2930 patients with cardiovascular disease, found aspirin-resistant patients had an almost sixfold increase in risk of death, were almost four times more Continue reading Major cardiac risk in aspirin-resistant patients