Boost your bone bank

From ABC Health and Wellbeing, October 2008:
Osteoporosis may seem like a disease of the old, but prevention starts young. Are you doing the right things to keep your kids’ bones – and your own – in top condition?
KILO for kilo, bone is stronger than concrete. Unlike concrete, however, it is alive and kicking; forever reshaping and rebuilding itself to adjust to new mechanical stresses and hormonal changes.
The amount of change is astonishing for something we think of as solid and unyielding. In a single week, a typical adult recycles five to seven per cent of their bone mass, and up to half a gram of calcium is absorbed into or released from the skeleton each day. But it can’t do this without help.
There are three essential ingredients that enable our skeleton to remodel itself so much and still do its job: calcium, vitamin D and exercise.
Unfortunately, many of us neglect one or all of these, which may explain why one in two Australian women and one in three Australian men over 60 will have an osteoporotic fracture. Read more.

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