One tick red meat can do without

From The Australian, 10 May 2008:
THEY were just ordinary pork spare ribs, properly cooked and harmless. But they were enough to land Peter Moore in hospital with a severe allergic reaction.
“It wasn’t instantaneous,” says Moore, 32. “Maybe a couple of hours later I went to bed and woke up with hives, really big welts covering my body.”
When he began having difficulty breathing, his wife rushed him to hospital.
Several months later it happened again, this time after a meal of meatballs, and then again a few months later after beef nachos. Moore had no known allergies and was in perfect health, which left him and doctors puzzled as to the cause. “At the time, I wasn’t eating beef or pork at home so we stitched it together that it must be something in the meat, like a preservative or something,” says Moore.
But it wasn’t any flavouring or preservative — it was the meat itself.
Moore had developed a very rare allergy that whenever he eats red meat causes full-blown anaphylaxis, an extreme immune system response that can cause breathing difficulties, sudden drop in blood pressure, unconsciousness heart failure and even death.
And he’s not the only one. Nearly 50 adults living in one small corner of Sydney have become allergic to red meat, most of them in the past five years. Read more.

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