Ethics on trial

From Australian Doctor, 18 May, 2006.PRIMUM non nocere… First, do no harm. There is little room for ambiguity in the principle that governs all medical practitioners, but the same rule does not necessarily apply when it comes to clinical trials. Read more…

Travels with my notebook – The Blue Mountains and Cambodia

Wild Blue YonderFrom Australian Doctor, 14 February 2006Descending into the Grose Valley in the Blue Mountains of NSW, you could be entering a lost prehistoric world. Tree ferns erupt like luscious green fireworks, shaggy wet moss drapes the rocky walls around us and the sounds of the modern world vanish. All we can hear is Continue reading Travels with my notebook – The Blue Mountains and Cambodia

A little SQUID goes a long way

From CSIRO’s Solve magazine, February 2006:It is barely the size of a fingernail but when it comes to finding millions of tonnes of undiscovered ore, a little SQUID goes a long way. SQUIDs – Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices – are extremely sensitive magnetic sensors that are allowing mining companies to locate ore deposits missed by Continue reading A little SQUID goes a long way

It’s a worry

From Australian Doctor, 3 February 2006No microscope can see it and no assay can detect it, but stress has been linked with cancer, infertility and immune-suppression. Worried? Don’t be — you’ll only make it worse. Read more