Travels with my notebook – The Blue Mountains and Cambodia

Wild Blue Yonder
From Australian Doctor, 14 February 2006
Descending into the Grose Valley in the Blue Mountains of NSW, you could be entering a lost prehistoric world. Tree ferns erupt like luscious green fireworks, shaggy wet moss drapes the rocky walls around us and the sounds of the modern world vanish. All we can hear is the trickling of tiny waterfalls, the sounds of birds and the crunch of our own footfalls. Read more.

Tour of Beauty
From Australian Doctor, 24 August 2004
FOR centuries, the dense Cambodian jungle hid the spectacular lost city of Angkor from the prying eyes of explorers, veiling its limestone carvings with vines and growing giant kapok and fig trees in its courtyards. Now the curtain of greenery has been drawn back and each year millions of visitors come from far ends of the earth to stand in awe of the thousand-year-old ruins of this once-great Khmer civilization. Read more.


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