Restless legs diagnosis missed in kids

From Australian Doctor, 16 August 2007:Restless legs syndrome is under-diagnosed in children and could be an underlying cause of behavioural and sleep problems, experts say.A US survey of more than 10,000 families found 1.9% of children aged 8-11 years and 2% of children aged 12-17 years met the criteria for restless legs syndrome, but only Continue reading Restless legs diagnosis missed in kids

Patients peeved by sharing, caring GPs

From Australian Doctor, 6 July 2007:SHARING personal information with a patient during a consultation might seem like a nice way to build a good doctor-patient relationship, but a study has found such disclosure has the opposite effect.Bringing up personal tidbits interrupted the flow of information between the doctor and patient and used up valuable patient Continue reading Patients peeved by sharing, caring GPs

Help thin on the ground for obese kids

From Australian Doctor, 28 June 2007:A SYSTEM-wide failure is leaving the vast majority of overweight and obese children without any form of treatment, an expert says.As new data show one in four Australian children is overweight or obese, Professor Louise Baur, professor of paediatrics and child health at the University of Sydney, called for regular Continue reading Help thin on the ground for obese kids

Caught on camera

From Australian Doctor, 1 June 2006:Recording patient encounters can be a practical and useful teaching tool. THE camera can reveal some unconscious habits. When Dr Rachel Sutherland was filmed during a consultation with a patient, she discovered to her surprise that she talked far more than she thought. Read more.

On top of the world

From Australian Doctor, 6 April 2007:THE howling, freezing wind scours my chapped face and sucks the air from my lungs as I stagger over the rocky terrain and wonder what the heck I’m doing here. Mount Everest Base Camp in Tibet is as close to hell on Earth as I’ve ever experienced. Read more.