Want a genetic test? Get insured first

From Australian Doctor, 13 June 2008:Patients considering genetic testing should be advised to take out life insurance beforehand, an expert says, after an Australian study found one in 10 patients diagnosed with an asymptomatic genetic condition experienced some form of discrimination.Data from the Australian Genetic Discrimination Project, which surveyed clients of clinical genetics services, showed Continue reading Want a genetic test? Get insured first

Major cardiac risk in aspirin-resistant patients

From Australian Doctor, 21 January 2008:BMJ Aspirin resistance, thought to affect up to one-third of patients, is associated with significantly increased cardiovascular morbidity, a comprehensive meta-analysis suggests.The research, which analysed 20 studies including 2930 patients with cardiovascular disease, found aspirin-resistant patients had an almost sixfold increase in risk of death, were almost four times more Continue reading Major cardiac risk in aspirin-resistant patients

Bowel program works but needs men

From Australian Doctor, 1 November 2007.THE first year of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program has been encouraging, although issues such as a poorer male participation rate and delay in colonoscopy follow-up are yet to be resolved, a leading gastroenterologist says.About 156,000 Australians took part in the first stage of the faecal occult blood test-based Continue reading Bowel program works but needs men

Neck size a strong sleep apnoea clue

From Australian Doctor, 24 August 2007:Insulin levels and neck circumference are the two strongest predictors of the risk of obstructive sleep apnoea, a leading obesity expert says.Speaking at the recent Australian Doctor/HealthEdGP Summit on Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Disease in Sydney, Associate Professor John Dixon said a neck circumference of 43cm or more for men Continue reading Neck size a strong sleep apnoea clue

Grape escape

From Australian Doctor, 23 August 2007:THERE’S a guilty pleasure involved in drinking good-quality wine while the sun still shines high in the sky. But in the vineyards of Mudgee, NSW, such pleasurable behaviour is one of the delights of a visit to this wine-growing region. Read more.