‘Fossil’ HIV reveals virus history

From ABC Science, 2 October 2008:A preserved specimen of lymph node nearly half a century old has revealed how rapidly the HIV virus has diversified, according to international research.A team of researchers from around the world has been trawling through decades-old tissue samples from African hospital archives in the hope of finding samples containing the Continue reading ‘Fossil’ HIV reveals virus history

Chlamydia vaccine ‘needn’t be perfect’

From ABC Science Online, 15 September 2008:A vaccine against the sexually transmitted infection chlamydia could wipe out the disease even if the vaccine is not perfect at protecting against infection, according to Australian researchers.According to a paper presented today at the Australasian Sexual Health Conference in Perth, the researchers predict that a 100% effective chlamydia Continue reading Chlamydia vaccine ‘needn’t be perfect’