Chlamydia vaccine ‘needn’t be perfect’

From ABC Science Online, 15 September 2008:
A vaccine against the sexually transmitted infection chlamydia could wipe out the disease even if the vaccine is not perfect at protecting against infection, according to Australian researchers.
According to a paper presented today at the Australasian Sexual Health Conference in Perth, the researchers predict that a 100% effective chlamydia vaccine could eradicate the infection within 15-20 years.
Using data on the prevalence of chlamydia, how it is spread, and the sexual behaviour patterns of a typical heterosexual community, Dr Richard Gray and colleagues were able to create a model that they then used to predict how different styles of vaccine might work.
They add that a less protective vaccine, which makes a person less infectious or shortens the duration of the disease, could still have a dramatic effect on infection rates. Read more.

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