Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections Show No Benefit in Knee OA in Placebo-Controlled Trial

From Medscape, 23 November 2021:

A large randomized, placebo-controlled trial of platelet-rich plasma injections for knee osteoarthritis has found almost no symptomatic or structural benefit from the treatment, giving some clarity to an evidence base that has seen both positive and negative trials for the treatment modality.

Given the need for better disease-modifying treatments for osteoarthritis, there has been a lot of interest in biological therapies such as platelet-rich plasma and stem cells, the lead author of the study, Kim Bennell, PhD, told Medscape Medical News. “People have started to use it to treat osteoarthritis, but the evidence to support it was limited in terms of its quality, and there’s been very little work looking at effects on structure,” said Bennell, a research physiotherapist and chair of physiotherapy at the the University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia. Read more.

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