Mice plague eastern Australia in record numbers

From The Scientist, 13 July 2021:

Just before Christmas last year, Julie Leven and her husband Des took their camper up to visit their son in northern New South Wales, Australia. Driving back at night to their home in Gilgandra, around 430 kilometers northwest of Sydney, they saw masses of white spots moving across the dark road surface. The spots, they soon realized, were mice.

Once they reached their house, the Levens saw a scene of rodent devastation. Mice had invaded their home in such numbers that it was unlivable. The creatures had gnawed their way into the pantry and ruined all the food they could get into. Their droppings and pungent urine were spread from one end of the dwelling to the other, across soft furnishings and bedding. The rodents had even eaten the insulation around the engine wiring in two tractors and ruined their harvested hay bales. Read more.

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