These mice have brains that are part human. So are they mice, or men?

From ABC Science, 29 July 2018:

In Greek mythology, the chimera was a beast of fire and fury; a terrifying creation part-lion, part-goat, part-serpent, and all destruction. It took demigod Bellerophon to slay the monster, driving a lead-tipped lance into its throat.

One wonders what Bellerophon might have made of the chimeras running around Steve Goldman’s labs.The son of Poseidon would certainly be less threatened; they are, after all, just mice. But inside their tiny furred heads, their brains are significantly human — and it shows.

These human-mouse chimeras are smarter than their “pure” mouse counterparts, and excel on all the standard tests of brain function. They’re not solving cryptic crosswords or doing Sudoku just yet. But these chimeric creatures are nonetheless on a challenging frontline, of both stem cell medicine and research ethics. Read more.

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