Oh the places you’ll work

The great thing about being a freelance journalist is I can work just about anywhere. As long as I have a mobile phone connection and my computer, I can work.

Like right now, for instance. I’m sitting in the cafe at Sydney Aquarium while the rest of my family ogles the fauna, writing a news story about osteoporotic fractures, smelling the evil frying fat (but still desperately craving some hot chips soaked in it) and hoping none of the food court staff notice that I’ve connected my power pack to one of their electricity outlets.

I’ve done live-to-air radio interviews sitting on a beach in between a wedding and a reception, and on another occasion by the side of a busy highway with my notes spread out over the bonnet of my car and my then-one-year old daughter watching me curiously from the back seat.

I have conducted telephone interviews in cars, on buses, on trains, in airports, in cafes and restaurants, in libraries and public spaces… the list goes on and isn’t nearly as exciting and exotic as I thought it might be when I started writing this post.

Anyway, you get the gist of it – freelancing is great because you’re not tied to an office and a desk. You can work anywhere.

Of course the downside to not having an office is that you don’t hold to office hours and days. I’m technically on holiday but ‘holiday’ often just means a change of scenery while you’re still lugging around the computer and mobile phone so you can set up your pop-up office in such scintillating locations as the food court at Sydney Aquarium.

Yep. Livin’ the dream.



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