What do we mean by Covid immunity?

From The Medical Republic, 21 March 2022: There was a time before covid, which seems a distant memory now, when the concepts of “immune” and “immunised” seemed relatively straightforward to anyone outside the field of immunology. Either by virtue of childhood infection or vaccination, a person believed that they were now protected from further assault Continue reading What do we mean by Covid immunity?

Is Covid becoming endemic?

From The Medical Republic, 18 February 2022: “It’s no worse than the flu” has been the rallying cry of covid-deniers, anti-vaccination campaigners, and anyone with a financial or political interest in downplaying the devastating impact that SARS-CoV-2 has had on humanity. While they have been proven spectacularly wrong on so many fronts, there is one Continue reading Is Covid becoming endemic?

Sotrovimab-resistant covid ‘could spread’

From The Medical Republic, 10 March 2022: Covid can develop resistance to the monoclonal antibody that was thought to be “variant-proof”, Australian research suggests. A research letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine reports on four patients with covid who experienced treatment failure with sotrovimab, and were then found to have variants of Continue reading Sotrovimab-resistant covid ‘could spread’

A terrible, terrible failure’: Richard Horton on the COVID-19 response

From The Medical Republic, 28 September 2020: Richard Horton is angry. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom, the editor-in-chief of international medical journal The Lancet began receiving messages from frontline healthcare workers. Increasingly terrified and desperate staff with inadequate or no PPE were being sent in to deal with what was clearly a deadly Continue reading A terrible, terrible failure’: Richard Horton on the COVID-19 response