Lies and distrust a part of life at seven

From ABC News in Science, 2 September 2014: We are not born with the ability to lie and distrust, but appear to acquire these ‘skills’ at around seven years of age, researchers have found. The team of child psychologists and game theorists published their results today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Continue reading Lies and distrust a part of life at seven

Temperament gives ‘red flags’ for autism

From ABC Science Online, News in Science, 10 September 2012: Lack of cuddliness and a fixation with textures, sounds and smells in children under two years of age could be signs of autism, say researchers. They say such patterns in temperament could be used to help detect the disorder earlier and tailor treatment, giving behavioural Continue reading Temperament gives ‘red flags’ for autism