Chain reaction leads to Nobel Prize

From Pathway magazine, Autumn 2008:Six months before the 1993 Nobel Prizes were due to be announced, Kary Mullis’ mentor, University of California Berkley biochemist Joe Neilands, suggested to him that “you’d make it easier for the [Nobel] committee to give it to you if you didn’t talk to the press so much”. Not that Mullis’ Continue reading Chain reaction leads to Nobel Prize

Expecting perfection

From Pathway, Spring 2007.One of the most spectacular errors in pathology history might indirectly be credited with claiming nearly 20 million lives. It’s even more astounding to learn that the pathologist behind it was in fact the founding father of histopathology, Rudolph Virchow.Virchow failed to diagnose German Emperor Friedrich III’s laryngeal cancer until it was Continue reading Expecting perfection