Speech at the Innovative Industries Conference 2010, Caloundra

I had the honour of giving a presentation at the recent 2010 Innovative Industries Conference on the Sunshine coast, talking about the sixth wave of innovation and how to succeed in a resource-limited world. The conference is a fantastic think-tank opportunity for small to medium enterprise. Speakers covered a range of important subjects including marketing, Continue reading Speech at the Innovative Industries Conference 2010, Caloundra

Insurance companies: unlikely planet saviours

From ABC Environment, 5 July 2010: Insurance companies stand to lose a lot of money if the climate changes in unpredictable ways so they have become partners in the push to save the globe. EVEN ON THE ALREADY enlarged scale of renewable energy projects, DESERTEC is ambitious. It aims to build more than 16,000 square Continue reading Insurance companies: unlikely planet saviours

The Sixth Wave … coming to a bookshop near you.

by James Bradfield Moody and Bianca Nogrady Since the industrial revolution, the tide of innovation and progress has ebbed and flowed – five waves of innovation. From milling and steam to most recently information technology, each wave starts with disruptive technologies and ends with a global depression, transforming society, economies and industry almost beyond recognition. Continue reading The Sixth Wave … coming to a bookshop near you.

Meaty issues

From G Magazine, November 2008:Our diet revolves around meat. Imagine the footy without a pie, summer without snags on the barbie, or Christmas without a turkey. But rumours abound that being vegetarian is better for the environment. Could the lentil lovers be right?Read more in magazine.