Dementia of young slowly unravels

From The Australian, 11 October 2008:ONE profoundly heartbreaking moment stands out for Jan Kuczerawy, in the anguished year since his wife Anne was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.“There was a moment in the early stages where she realised something was wrong,” says Jan. “She was frightened and she broke down in tears.”Thankfully, that moment of lucidity Continue reading Dementia of young slowly unravels

Delaying dementia next best to a cure

From The Australian, 30 August 2008:AT this stage of life, Jane and Michael d’Arbon should be looking forward to retirement, long holidays, seeing their four children set off to make their mark on the world, and watching the next stage of their life together take shape.Instead, they’re giving interviews on the devastating impact of Alzheimer’s Continue reading Delaying dementia next best to a cure